it always happen, every Fall
I seem to get the wanderer's call
pulling me back to places I've been
places where I have nothing left
where there is no reason to go

two of my friends for forty years
have both left me to deal with tears
where did the time go and
when did it leave?
so many years have passed me by

I have this yearning to be somewhere
to try to find if my heart's still there
I know that my thoughts keep going back
to years of childhood and growing up
but those places are gone

Aurora, old family homes, still there
but only empty rooms would hear
if I opened the door and said, "hello"
no friendly faces would be there to greet
they were gone so long ago

underneath the giant golden tree
five graves of my old family
great grandmother, uncle and aunt
grandfather, grandmother
gone, never forgotten by me

in another town, another place
holds the memories of a dear face
another set of grandparents, and their kin
old headstones under old maples
brown leaves falling and covering them

Autumn thoughts fill my mind
young, and going back in time
back to school days with friends
Saturday matinees at the Burton
sundaes at the Paris Candy Shoppe

roller skating and fun at Flint Park
the midway was always such a lark
Kewpee dolls and piggy banks given away
throw the balls, knock down three bottles
shoot the ducks, toss a ring

watching parades on Saginaw Street
Schiapacasse's peanut store, always a treat
Coney Islands, donuts at the Kresge store
Saturday shopping with mother
eating at Home Dairy's cafeteria

Autumn memories of growing up
we always had a half full cup
can't remember thinking of the days ahead
just the day, everything in present-tense
now just thinking of the past

I try to keep the family close
in my poems, in my prose
dinners at my house with old photographs
brothers and sister reminisce and laugh
never forgetting those who've left

Autumn memories of family
new ones added each year for me
the thoughts come unbidden every Fall
but welcome guests they are, each brings a smile
as they sit at my table

By susi Taylor (







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