My life is richer because you are part of it.
Funny face you make me laugh at times until I cry.
NO one so small has ever been so big in my life.
You move your eyebrows like Groucho.

When you laugh it's infectious.
Everyone around laughs with you.
I see your daddy's eyes light up
When he talks to you.

Your granddad would love you so
You would bring the light back in his eyes.
But i am sure he sees us.
The others in the family love you too.

How we lucked out and got someone like you..
I don't know why but God really blessed us.
You are special and a blessing to us.
You eat and are a pleasure to feed.

All of my grands are so precious.
All so smart and good-looking too
So you fit right in, you special one.
One by one and two by two, we love you.

By Barbara (





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