Another challenge on our message board. If you would like to participate, come to the board. I post a challenge every weekend and you'll find the link HERE. When you get there, click 'General Board' and the topics will appear.

I put a list of things, or items, that must appear in the poem. Each item must have its own stanza and the poem must have a theme. Participants must use at least 5 of the 6 words, or use all 6.

They don't see a picture until the page is published.

This is the list for this weekend (11-3-07)


luxury automobile


gentle breezes

autumn delight

"not allowed"

silver slipper

The poems are very imaginative and quite different from each other. I thought the results were very good and if you like what you read, let the poet know. They love feedback.

Formal Retreat

At the airport, she rented a car,
A sleek luxury automobile.
The drive east wouldn’t be very far,
And the cost was a fairly good deal.

It was her first time at this resort,
Located on the northern Maine coast,
And she’d be quite happy to report,
The Yankee owners were right to boast.

It was situated on a bay,
Sailboats tacking to a gentle breeze,
And all her troubles seemed far away,
As the desk clerk handed her the keys.

Her room’s view, was an autumn delight,
Overlooking birch trees on a rise,
Yellow and gold leaves, trunks black and white,
And distant red maples drew her eyes.

She learned dinner was soon to be seated,
And she was hoping to beat the crowd;
But in the lobby she was greeted,
To be told that shorts were “not allowed.”

Hurrying back to her room at once,
She donned silver slippers and blue gown,
Embarrassed, feeling like such a dunce.
Worse! She tripped and fell going back down.

© By RickMack (

The Resort

She wore silver slippers as she showed her dog at the annual dog show near her home.
It was an event that she always attended with her sister from Rome.

Her sister stayed at a nearby resort instead of at her small cottage near the sea.
They had a good relationship, and on this they did agree.

The gentle breezes swayed the palm trees in a comfortable familiar way.
It was a beautiful, beautiful day.

Sabrina, her sister from Rome, always rented a luxury automobile for her stay in Katherine's town every year.
It was her way of lending a little cheer.

The dog show was an Autumn Delight, the name of the event.
The owners spent a lot of time grooming and on winning were bent.

Only AKC registered breeds were shown, no mixed breeds, no they were not allowed.
Katherine's dog won her class, and they both were very proud.

© By Phyllis Ann (

The Story of Stan

All Stanley wanted in his miserable life
Was a luxury automobile,
No millions, no columned mansions grand,
Just one luxury automobile.

In Fantasy Land Stan imagined,
A convertible of fiery red,
Top down, little plaid tam on tight,
Wild wind blowing on his head.

To almost anything he'd resort
To get that dreamed of car,
He'd beg, borrow or even steal,
Yeah, he'd even go that far.

Hadn't he seen a silver slipper,
On the old Antiques Road Show,
Well, his sweetie had a big dipper,
"I'll just sneak that out," and so

Stan tricked sweetie into a bit
Of afternoon autumn delight,
And while she freshened up for him,
That dipper found its way out of sight.

Old Stan thought he'd pulled a fast one,
Thought he had that convertible for sure,
‘Til the appraisers told him "fakes not allowed,"
And showed him to the showroom door.

Meantime Sweetie missed the dipper,
Said she'd never trust another man,
No wild wind, just gentle breezes and,
That's what happened to poor old Stan.

© By Norma (

Winter Whine

They had been married forever, it seemed,
Two children, two homes, all of which they had dreamed.
Life had been good to them, giving them only gentle breezes,
Until now, when they were having to deal with a few wintery freezes.

"Not Allowed!" the sign had said, "Pets Are Strictly Forbidden!"
The wife fussed, "They'll never know. I'll keep Mitzi hidden."
"What damage can one little cat do in a place like this?"
"I won't stay if I can't have Mitzi. We'll take the risk."

The parking lot was full of luxury automobiles,
Valet parking, doormen, bell-hops knew their drills.
To smuggle Mitzi in they would need to be creative.
Luggage, golf clubs, a covered basket labled 'Vegetative'.

They found the Silver Slipper lounge much to their liking,
And went every day after their morning of biking.
A sign on their door said, "No maid service until four",
That was when they whisked Mitzi off to hide on a different floor.

They became friendly with the Buffingtons, regulars at the resort,
Old money, family jewels, owners of a classic-car import.
An invitation to dine, formally, with bottles of French wine,
After dinner drinks back in their room? Their hosts did not decline.

The fireplace was lit, the lights were turned low,
All went beautifully, conversation an easy flow,
Until 1am when their guests said they must go.
Then "Eeek!!" A scream, "Oh no!"

"My wrap! My expensive silk stole is in shreds on the floor!"
A flash of white, a ball of fur went streaking out the door.
"I bought it in Paris, a Givenchy original. One of a kind."
End of vacation, start of a long winter whine.

© By Marilyn (

Autumn Delight

"Whee!" she said with a happy squeal.
"I just won a luxury automoble!"
But no license has she
Since she ran down a tree.
Guess she lost out on that deal.

His lawyer met him in court.
With a bit of bad news to report.
"Seems you're known to the judge,
And she holds a grudge...
Where you're going is not a resort!"

The bay known for its gentle breezes,
Was a favorite of Mary Louise's.
But she wound up in bed
Stuffy nose, eyes of red.
Seems the wind brought on the sneezes.

She snuck out the door late that night.
Meeting John for some "Autumn Delight"!
In her silk negligee
It was too cold to play,
She just shivered with all of her might.

"Sorry Ma'am, That's not allowed.
We have a respectable crowd."
She danced on the bar
And she went too far,
When she took off her bra as she bowed.

He got drunk at the "Silver Slipper"
Just another annoying day-tripper.
With a shriek and a shout
The barmaid threw him out.
(Cheap Bugger forgot to tip her!)

© By Swampetta (






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