Hear thereís a pile up on east 35,
President George Bush Highway is dangerous,
Up north on the long and unscenic route,
ĎTil west away through.

Its convertible top down weather,
On the corner of Mercedes and Lexus,
Oh, I hope I donít scratch that white one,
Are the lights out of sync, I think?

The gas looks low, but need to go,
Taking chances - oh, thereís that new restaurant!
Wish I had a Starbucks Latte
Whyíd that train pick my way?

Well the deed is done and walk, Iíve had none,
So Iíll drive straight south to the mall,
Is that a TR3, thought they didnít make those now,
Oh, that red guy nearly swiped me.

Thereís a square of corner lights and sirens and such,
A cruncher of at least three bad luckers,
Iíd pray they not get hurt, but its too late, I guess,
Whoops! That one almost got me, onlooker.

Mall lot is full, Christmas is close, but now,
Iíll justify that latte, get a sandwich, too,
And watch all the people go buy.
Yes, I said watch all the people go to buy.

See the weekend dads, with bored little lads,
And bunches of moms hanging loose in a group.
Could I play matchmaker - oh, I guess not.
This is Texas, I almost forgot, the land of pistol packin' mamas.

Starbucks canít be beat for taking a seat,
That latte was larapin as was the chicken salad.
Wonder what country those guys are from?
Is that a silk sari alone? Are those men holding little pinkies?

Itís an interesting day but Iíll be on my way,
Take my life in my hands on the homebound highway.
How quiet is this deck, a book in my lap,
While the worldís gone crazy on Sunday streets,

In the Metroplex.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)





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