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I put a list of things, or items, that must appear in the poem. Each item must have its own stanza and the poem must have a theme. Participants must use at least 5 words from the list, or they may use all.

They don't see a picture until the page is published.

This is the list for this weekend (12-2-07)


the Christmas Sleigh




"That's odd."

pen and ink

The poems are very imaginative and quite different from each other. I thought the results were very good and if you like what you read, let the poet know. We love feedback.



The old barn held a treasure from years gone by.
The Christmas sleigh that belonged to great granddad was in need of repair, and it made me cry.

If I had wings, I'd fly up beyond the blue,
And visit with him so I could tell him it was long overdue.

Snowflakes were falling about the size of pebbles, and it was a winter storm for sure.
I wanted the condition of the sleigh to be like new; this I wanted to ensure.

The doorway to the farm house was hard to see through all the snow.
I guess I'd better get back and attend to my rising bread dough.

As I entered the house I thought, "That's odd".
There in the corner was granddad's fishing rod.

On the desk there was a tattered note in pen and ink.
To the past it carried a link.

Under the note was an old picture of the Christmas sleigh.
I now knew how to restore it as did the picture portray.

The note said, "Merry Christmas From The Past",
And I knew granddad was home at last

By Phyllis Ann (

I heard a ho ho ho and jumped aside,
As the Christmas sleigh, went right on by.
Two large Morgans, it a pulling,
And that big sleigh was not a fooling.
I did smile and waved all limber,
Hoping the driver would me remember.

I wondered if it did have wings,
Or maybe those retractable things.
But I grinned as I did know,
That pair of Morgans threw lots of snow.
No way they could fly,
As they sped right on by.

They threw lots of pebbles at me,
Came off their large hooves, can’t you see?
It was an accident they were pelting me,
Could have been candy, can’t you see?
As I tried to look in the back,
To see if there were any full sacks.

When I did slog my way home,
There was no in the doorway gnome,
But a big croaker sack,
Was it coal I said with a whack,
No, for apples it were,
But who did place them there?

“That is odd,” I did say,
As the apples I put away,
Well except for a big juicy one,
As I wondered where they came from.
But the apple did have a good taste
As I could not let them go to waste.

Inside I did go, wiping my mouth as I went,
Then pen and ink I asked to be lent,
Then as I looked up in the sky,
I thought my oh my.
Was that the Christmas sleigh?
Was I a good boy today?

So I wrote three or four nice notes,
Finished as the clock did stroke.
And then alas, chores I had to do,
And they were not few.
So Merry Christmas to you,
And of apples I hope you have a few.

By Tom (

"That's odd," she thought as she tried to turn the doorknob.
She looked at her watch and saw it was nine, half an hour past open-up time.
It's too early for lunch, someone should be here.
Why was the door of her favorite Christmas shop locked?

Just then the buff-colored dog on her leash began to bark.
"Quiet, Pebbles. Oh, do be quiet."
She tried the door again, but it didn't budge.
There were lights inside. The shade was up....

The windows were full of Christmas displays;
Fairies with transparent wings, gold ornaments...beautiful things.
Just then a well-dressed older man walked up, and he too tried the door.
"Hmmm," he muttered. He peeked through the glass, then rapped.

A petite gray-haired woman came hurrying to the front.
"Oh, I'm so sorry," she said, unlocking the door, pulling it back.
"We're open, yes. We were in the back unpacking the new stuff."
Embarrased, she laughed a little. "We forgot the time."

The man smiled warmly. "Would you like some help?"
Her eyes widened. "You're serious?"
"I certainly am serious. I'm a visitor in town and I have the morning free."
"I'll help, too," said the woman with the dog. "That is if you don't mind having Pebbles around."

"We love dogs here at the Christmas Sleigh, cats, too."
The little gray-haired woman led the way to the back.
"Alfred, these two lovely people have volunteered to help us unpack."
A weather-lined face lit up. "Volunteers? You'll help us?"

Pebbles was given a raw bone to gnaw and the two volunteers set to work,
Opening cardboard boxes, lifting out ornaments.
Two hours later, the boxes had been opened and the tables were clear.
The Christmas Sleigh was ready for holiday shoppers.

"If you need anymore help, give me a call," said the man, smiling.
"Me, too. I would be happy to volunteer again," said the woman.
The couple found pen and ink and jotted down phone numbers.
"There will be a Christmas Eve party at my brother's place, and you're all invited," the man said. "I'm Russel Warner, brother of U.S. Senator John Warner."

Everyone gasped. "Oh, we voted for Senator Warner," the little gray-haired woman hurried to say.
"And so did I," said the dog owner.
Pebbles barked and everyone laughed.
"Fine. I'll see you around nine, on Christmas Eve."

By Marilyn (

The Sunday After

Standin' in the glass door way,
Lookin' out at a sunny day,
A sense of satisfaction immense,
Work all done, a day intense.

"That's odd," thought she as she spread her eyes,
That pleasant feeling left by surprise,
For the place on the lot her car was to be,
Was empty as empty a space could be.

Reaching for a pen and ink,
Must think, must think, or get a drink!
Can the license number be recalled?
Sinking, now the police must be called.

Shuffling on the lot gathering pebbles in her shoes,
What's gonna happen, who would choose
An old beat up car with a motor that hums,
Has now taken flight absconded by bums.

Presents were abounding in the long lost trunk,
And of course there were tools and personal junk,
It will take the angels to save the day,
For an old LeSabre was one Christmas Sleigh.

Must learn to ask for help and rides,
Humility teaching while friends' love abides.
And the angels are fluttering on unseen wings,
To bring a new outcome while early carolers sing.

By Norma (

What do you think? What will I say?
Parked over there, is the Christmas Sleigh.
Is Santa lost? Is he in the right place?
There is no meter in that parking space!

Here comes a meter maid, running past things.
Goes so fast you'd think she had wings.
Grinning and laughing, with an evil smirk.
Says, "Oho! I'm gonna ticket this jerk!"

She runs over with a glint in her eye.
Slips on some pebbles, she sure did fly!
Landed in a tree, way over head.
She was shook up, "Holy Cow!" she said.

She grabbed a branch, tried to catch her breath.
The whole thing just scared her to death!
In a doorway, about 20 feet below,
Stood a guy dressed in red, sprinkled in snow.

Leading his reindeer, Rudolph included.
He shook his head, thought he was deluded.
"You know what? really that's odd..
I thought I saw an angel flying to God."

Hooked up the reindeer, he flew away.
The meter maid climbed down, nothing to say.
She didn't quite know what she should think,
Couldn't give more tickets, her pen was out of ink.

By Swampetta (

Once upon a time, there was a Christmas tree farm
And in the middle was a very old barn
With its doorway wide open to welcome the buyers
Selling donuts and cider and wreaths made of yarn

Sitting outside was a red Christmas sleigh
Waiting for customers to ride out to the field
To choose and cut down their evergreen tree
Stomping and snorting, the horses impatience unconcealed

the wagon filled up with a family of eight
The lead horse was Pegasus with gold wings clipped to his back
Head tossing, he started to trot down the path
Where earlier trips had broken the track

"That's odd" he thought, the sleigh is lighter now
And he looked around, then came to a stop
One of the kids was laying out in the path
With a bunch of snowing laying on top

Amidst much laughter, they picked him back up
And one little girl started to think
This will make a grand story that I'll certainly write
As soon as I get back to my pen and ink

They searched for and found a most wonderful tree
The snow started falling, soft as feathers
They loaded on, Pegasus turned the Christmas sleigh
They had had a great family day together

By susi (









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