She collected artifacts from the Victorian era and placed them in her bedroom.
Little did she know that one of them had a aura of gloom.

One night she awakened with a start.
By her bed was an image which didn't depart.

She saw a lighted, double image which appeared as a sort of light.
She turned her head and screamed with fright.

Again she turned her head, and it was gone.
In her bedroom it certainly did not belong.

Some of the artifacts she had recently sold.
Could the ghost be looking for one to be so bold.

The image for some reason she thought to be a girl.
Was she there because of a powder box or something else; it made her head whirl.

A few days passed, and from her office she heard a "pop".
It made her jump and her heart seem to stop.

The noise came from across the hall in her bedroom she thought.
When she went in to take a look, she was distraught.

The armoire was open, and one door was swinging back and forth as it had never done before.

This is all in a day for the owner of an antique store.

By Phyllis Ann (

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