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Farm Stand

By Marilyn (

The farm stand you see in the picture is one I saw in Vermont. There was a pond in front, plus a wagon filled with pumpkins. I found the owner and he gave me permission to take pictures. Afterward, I bought two kinds of squash, tomatoes, a pumpkin, and a tin of Vermont Maple syrup.

My two children had a roadside stand and when I had picked all the strawberries and corn I wanted, I let them pick and sell. They didn't like to pick strawberries for me to freeze, but they loved it when they could make some spending money. It got so that customers would place orders and come back later to pick it up.

I look forward to your farm stand musings, or your poem and/or story. Either fiction or fact, I'll post the entries in the order I receive them.


Roadside Stands

By susi (

I love a roadside stand,
Don't you?
The freshness and color,
So cool

Tomatoes, cucumbers,
and corn
Bright red and green,
yellow as morn

Always a nice "hello"
from the farmer
"Y'all come back"
makes it warmer

Autumn stands, so inviting
full of punkins
for jack'o lanterns exciting,
'n apples for dunkin

Corn stalks in a bunch
for Halloween
Veggies for lunch
so crisp and clean

Winter has hurried
snowflakes are free
The roadstands are full
of Christmas trees.


The Farm Stand

By Swampetta (

Like golden orange suns, ready to rise in the east,
They sit there and glow.
Not just gourds or vegetables, not in the least.
A delicious beauty you know.

A feast for the tongue and not just the eyes.
A rhapsody playing.
Singing to you, "I'm the best! A real prize!"
I know you hear what they are saying.


Indiana 1964
Autumn Memories

By Phyllis Ann (

Road side stands dot the Autumn landscape as sugar cane is ground by old Dobbins in the old fashioned way.
“Molasses rich and sweet will soon be ready”, he says with a neigh.

Pumpkins, Indian Corn and Squash are beautifully displayed in their golden hues.
Winter is coming, but on this beautiful day, I will not get the blues.

Apple Cider is warm to our tummies after a brisk Autumn walk.
A stick of cinnamon or a clove makes it sit up and talk.

Potpourri gives the air a cider scent or maybe a pumpkin pie candle makes us dream of Thanksgiving dinner which is just around the corner now.

Scarecrows stand around to remind us that buying firewood might be a good idea in case the weather turns cold with a sudden exclamation of “wow”!

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon be here.
Grandma is making her shopping list; she is such a dear.

The supermarkets are full of supplies for the season.
The stores remind us that this is the time to spend, not reason.

Everywhere you look are seasonal items that warm your heart.
And we know that Autumn memories have played their part.


The Farm Stand

By Amy (

oh yeah it's fall
apples and all
oh what fun
when summer is done
we ride to virginia skyline drive
oh i'm so happy, i love this ride
orr the mountains into the woods
if only if only if only i could
live on this land, right here on this spot
i wouldnt need apples no no have enough til they rot

apples galore
no need for a store
apple a day
keeps doctor away
oh yes they say
its keeps colds at bay

thank God for johnny appleseed
he supplied all you need
for centuries ahead
he planted the seeds in a bed

every year
far and near
people come to pick apples galore
they take them home and then they store
them in barns, bake pies and sauce
oh dont let them be eaten by mouse
bake cakes and pies and cookies too
oh those apples make you regular they do ..


Farm Stand

By RickMack (

People were drawn from far and wide,
To Farmer Foley’s produce stand.
In fruit and veggies, he took pride -
Perhaps the best in New England.

The succulent taste unsurpassed,
In his cherries, apples and pears;
And his wife’s pies were sold out fast.
With her pumpkin, none could compare.

Corn cob decorations, he had,
To be seen on many a door;
At first, sort of an autumn fad,
But each fall he sold more and more.

He stocks pomegranates, as well,
Indian apple, common name,
Juicy, bursts with seeds, and tastes swell.
Becoming rare, and that’s a shame.

Kids come for another reason,
For while parents spend their money,
During the holiday season,
They get free rides on a pony.

©Richard McCusker


Farm Stand in the City

By Lilly (

Every year a farmer set up a stand
Two blocks down the road in parking lot
Not only pumpkins, was the last of veggies
Oh gourds and dried stalks decoration
The little man stood in sun to keep warm
He walked back and forth in the cold wind
People stopped to look and buy and I was one
I always tried to be the first, better pickings
I would strike up a conversation, he smiled
After a few years, I did'nt see him anymore
One day I went to the mall and he was there
Yes, a better spot and more people came
He was busy, I said hi and bought a pumpkin
Was the last time as I bought one made of clay



By Sharon (

Pumpkins were bought to bake pies
The thought of them brought sighs

In the oven they went oh yes
Made by someone's Grandma Bess

The aroma spread through each room
Chasing away anybody's gloom

Set out on the counter for to cool
Grandpa swiped a piece the old fool

Grandma Bess got oh so mad
Now there were less for guests to had

Grandpa apologized with a smile
Hugged Grandma Bess for quite awhile

Told her that her pumpkin pies were grand
None better in all the land



By Mary (

How we love each day of Fall
crisp 'n cool such fun for all!

Farm Stand is ready with veggies galore,
taters, beans, cubers and so much more!

See those lovely pumpkins orange 'n bright,
for Jack~O~Lanterns, candles we'll light!

Melons all green or striped to sell,
juicy 'n sweet ones too good e'en to tell!

Excitement is in ~ air~conditioning out,
FRESH 'N COOL, Fall's here without a doubt!

When I see the Farm Stand
with fresh veggies and fruit;

can almost taste those pies
'n smell 'em ta boot!

Mary Carter Mizrany©
November 5, 2007


Farmer Bob

By Norma (

Farmer Bob crimped his straw,
Shuffled his boots, to the stand and called,
"Bring me some lunch, today will be good,
Won’t leave the hutch like I normally would."

True the day was lovely like his pumpkin-patch
As all days had been since the last time he latched,
That ivory tower office from the rat race years,
For a quiet country highway and a chest full of beers.

Folks stopped by drawn by a fall kaleidoscope,
And they stayed and talked and pinched and poked,
He’d let them taste, dig a plug in a pumpkin’,
Get off on their comments of "Ain’t that taste somethin’.

And so it had gone for a decade now,
He’d loved every minute of this life somehow,
Best thing he ever did, threw off the business yolk,
No regrets, lovin’ wife, lovin’ kids, regular folk.


The Farm Stand

By Tom (

Stand by the side of the road
Just a small stand by the side of the road,
There in the country it was.
Not large or a big sell, just the wares of a farm couple,
Not even pumpkins real large.

I stopped and did look about, ears of corn hanging about,
Stalks of corn, their ears still attached,
Just like it used to be shocked, until it was shucked,
Heck the ears were yellow and a few multicolored.

Nostalgia did me overtake, as I stood and looked about.
Fall on the farm, how it once was,
And what I thought as I was a boy,
How it was a seasonal thing.

A jug of cider and small pumpkin I did buy,
As I remember listening to the old men a shucking corn.
As I wanted to try to shuck, to try and show I was a man;
As I stood and looked back.

Two young people, a couple they were,
Were the owners and business people.
So I did step way back
And remembered how it once was.

tomWYO, 110607


The Farm Stand

By Bob (

Pumpkins orange, pumpkins fatso,
Pumpkins for the holidays - and that's so
Wonderful to see each year
No doubt without we'd shed a tear!

Pumpkin pies, and jack-o-lanterns
Everywhere a shopping man turns
Heaven in a roadside stand!
Ain't it super? Ain't it grand!?

Corn on cobs and fruits a-plenty
(Not fed to the four and twenty -
But for people!) Here they are -
Fill the bag and load your car -

Cornucopia of goodies
Farmer loaded all he could. He's
Set them out for us to buy
So Happy Autumn! Bake a pie!

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