Will Bill he staggered out
Of McGovern's old saloon.
He was hammered to the snout,
Singing an Irish tune.

"May the road rise up to greet ya.."
It looked like it did just that.
The sidewalk's waiting to meet ya
And the curb knocked off his hat.

When next he opened his eyes
He felt a pinch of fear.
This was a big surprise.
A golden angel was standing near!

"This surely must be Heaven,
'Cause I don't know a single face!
"I'm only sixty-seven
And this is really the wrong place!"

He was really, truly scared
And about to meet his maker.
His soul would soon be bared
And they'd know him for a faker!

He cried; "There's been a major error!"
"This ain't where I should be!
"I've been a Holy Terror,
"It's the Devil who wants me!"

The angel patted Willie's head,
Saying; "Stop with all the gloom."
"Your really aren't dead,
"You're in the Emergency Room!"

He didn't change his life that day.
Instead he gave a cheer;
"There'll be the Devil to pay,,,
"But I'll have another beer!"

So the Devil is patiently waiting
For Willie to come by.
He's got a 5 star rating!
And a pan in which he'll fry.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)



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