We had been so busy and no groceries we had so along about supper time we headed to the supermarket. Little did I realize that the snow had fallen, so I just said, “Momma, we will take the sleigh.”

“But Nick,” She said as she canted her head and gave me that look. “The reindeer can be so messy and oh my, the parking will be messy.”

As soon as she said it, I knew I had better go to plan B. “Oh no mother, the new sleigh has its own drive system, a new solar powered elfin one that is quiet. We can run here and there and be really unobtrusive.”

She was skeptical, but we got into the sleigh and zip, boom, bah, we were at the supermarket.

I parked the sleigh off in the south forty and soon we had three basketsfull. I got the sleigh and drove it up front and the cart boy did help me load it. “Cool, man that is neat, what kind of mill do you have in it?”

I grinned and quickly replied, “Why I have and Elfin six, with triple turbos and nitrous for those short roofs.” He looked sort of funny when I gave him two gold dollars, but not the stella.

We started to leave and the traffic was horrible. All the entrances and exits were backed up and you never heard so much horn blowing. I looked at mother and with a smile told her to buckle up.

“No! Oh no Nick, you should not for if you do soon there will be a grid lock.”

“But Mother, if I do not, we will not get home in time for lunch and nap.”

She shook her head. “Very well,” and her shoulder harness she did hook up.

I rev’d that engine, I did, and did the accelerator push. As we lifted off up into the sky, I could not resist and did loudly yell: "Merry Christmas to all and drive safe!”

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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