This boy of seventeen,
A step Mom he had,
Home life was not pleasant!
Sometimes.... all bad ~

After school one day
He went on to work,
His job was a 'call boy' ....
who worked as a clerk ~

When a train needs to leave,
Workers are notified.
His job was to contact them
Who did his work with pride ~

One dark night he fell asleep
On the tracks while there;
Not at home in his bed
.... No more did he care ~

Unfortunately this night,
A brakeman was switching cars;
Randy was lying on the tracks
looking up at the stars ~

There he fell asleep instead of
Sleeping in the shack !
The brakeman began yelling ----
Get off those tracks !!

Too late for Randy;
He never heard the man.
The moving cars ran over him
It must have been.... in God's plan ~

By Connie (
















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