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I put a list of things, or items, that must appear in the poem. Each item must have its own stanza and the poem must have a theme. Participants must use at least 5 words from the list, or they may use all.

They don't see a picture until the page is published.

This is the list for this weekend (12-29-07)






"That's gratitude for you..."



The poems are very imaginative and quite different from each other. I thought the results were very good and if you like what you read, let the poet know. We love feedback.



1907 was when Aunt Effy was born,
Oh my how they raised the alarm,
And now a hundred she be,
She still sets off alarms as thieving she be.

Totally bananas Aunt Effy be,
As she saunters here and there,
Sagging hose and old oxford shoes,
Aunt Effy likes to go to the zoo.

Said yesterday she saw-zaw,
And we thought too many meds she had taken.
But it turned out she had lost her teeth,
And saw-zaw was a ghost she had seen.

Resolutions aunt effy makes,
And makes other make them too.

But then she forgets hers,
And holds us to our silly words.

A storm is a brewing, lay in some wood,
Aunt effy said as she just walked in.
Me and the missus were intimate,
Aunt effy laughed and said, heck I done it for years.

For Christmas the children a dollar she gave,
And they looked at her and shurugged.
She took back the dollar and looked at them,
And said, "That's gratitude for you......",

But aunt effy considers icicles as crystal,
And she does collect it.
Some time I wish she was in a wheel chair,
Then she would have to slow down.

But aunt effy is who she is,
And I really think sane she be,
But oh the fun she does have,
Driving us all insane and to drink.

By Tom (



Crystal made a Jigsaw puzzle
Using pieces of wood
She gave it to her brother
Just as he knew she would

She used a sawzaw to cut it
And it was a very big task
How many pieces does it have
Her brother just had to ask

Only 1907 she answered
It should be easy to work
He tried to put it together
But the task made him go bezerk

He started going bananas
She couldn't understand this
He jumped up and grabbed it
Tossing the pieces at his sis

He stormed around the room
Yelling and throwing a fit
She hid behind the sofa
Wanting nothing at all of it

She made a resolution
Never again to make him a toy
Her mother came into the room
"My what is ailing that boy"

Crystal explained the problem
Saying she just hadn't a clue
Her brother screamed at her
She said "well that's gratitude for you!"

By Sharon (


The Victorian Gazebo

The ice crystals form on the old Victorian house panes just the same as they did the winter of 1907.
I feel certain that the original owners are looking down on their house from heaven.

They made a resolution to guard the house forever the day they laid the foundation,
And if you listen and watch closely, you will feel their vibration.

Our Saw-Zaw came in handy when we built the new Victorian gazebo band stand last year.
I think they liked it because they spend a lot of time out there, but we don't due to a little bit of fear.

The children go bananas when they see shadows waltzing about, and it is them, no doubt.
They just won't leave, and their presence fills the air giving us reason on these ghosts to tout.

There was a storm about a week ago this past Saturday night.
It blew the gazebo down, and caused them to take flight.

"That's gratitude for you......", I guess they no longer want to stay.
I hope their decision is final, and for this I will pray.

By Phyllis Ann (


Vaudeville Ballad

It was back in Nineteen Oh Seven
A century so very young
When two dapper dans I know
Did dance and sing a song.

Don declared "I'm top banana!"
Charley got jealous and pouty.
The act suffered faded and died.
No longer was their dance routine touted.

"There must be a smart resolution
Where I'll still be the top banana"
And Don thought (he thought) an ingenious plan
And that included a red bandana.

"Charley, just wave the bandana from the saw-zaw;
I'll sing a tumbleweed melody.
All you need do is hold down your end,
We'll be a hit for all, you'll see.

"I can see in my brain's crystal ball how we'll wow 'em,
And get a real standing ovation;
We'll be wined and dined and sought after
By halls all over the nation!"

Don just didn't reckon with that storm
Blowin' into St. Louis that night.
Down came the tent on the show;
The audience all panicked full of fright.

Charley said "I'm quittin' this farce!"
"That's gratitude for you," Don muttered.
"Wasn't I the brains of this duo?"
Now both spear up St. Louie's street clutter.

By Norma (



Great-Granpa died in 1907
The kinfolk sat and cried.
They knew he wasn't going to heaven,
And only slightly sorry he died.

Miss Lizzy made a loaf of banana bread.
It was something she always did.
That's how you knew someone was dead,
Or had another kid.

Great-Grandma that day made a resolution,
Saying; "I shall never marry again!"
Some people thought she was high-falutin'
And certainly rather vain.

They walked to the graveyard in a wicked storm.
Lightning and thunder boomed all around.
Even the banshees were afraid to mourn!
As the rain continued to pound.

No funeral repast was offered that day.
Relatives mumbled; "That's gratitude for you....!"
And hungry and wet they did sneak away.
Didn't even get some leftover stew.

Great-Granma was humming as she stood under the pine,
Crystal clear were the words that she said;
"Bless the insurance, and it's all mine!
"About time the old booger's dead!"

(If I had any clue as to what a saw-zaw was...I would have used it...somewhere.)

By Swampetta (



The New Year's eve storm had caused a power outage,
No heat, no electric lights, no television.
Grandpa yelled. "I never miss the Rose Bowl Parade!
Call the power company and tell them to get out here and fix the lines!"

"But Grandpa, there are over 100 homes without electricity
This morning, we'll have to wait our turn."
"Humph, no reason why we can't be first on the list.
Tell them if they'll put us first, I'll bring my saw-zaw and help."

Grace put a crystal goblet back in the hutch.
Last night's storm had ruined their New Year's eve party,
The lightning and lashing rain had come a few minutes before midnight
When Mother Nature had stormed in with her own party.

Grandpa reached across the table, picked up a banana, and peeled one side.
"I say every winter that I'm going to buy us a generator,
And by golly, as soon as I get my SS check I'm going to do it."
"It would be nice," Grace said, smiling.

"Jed, up the street has one and I've always said it's the thing to have."
"Grandpa, Jed has a lot we don't have. He has money to buy whatever he wants."
"Well, I've got a few dollars laid by and I'm not putting it off."
Sounds like a good New Year's resolution," Grace said.

Grandpa got up from the table and dialed Jed's number.
"Jed, how about if we watch the Rose Bowl parade together?
What do you mean you don't like it? Everybody likes the Rose Bowl parade."
Grandpa slammed down the phone. Humph, that's gratitude for you."

"Grandpa, I heard someone say the Smiths have a generator."
"The Smiths?" Grandpa snorted. "Oh, no you don't.
You're always trying to fix me up with that old Effie Lou Smith,
Who is at least a-hundred-years old, if she's a day."

Grace laughed. "Grandpa, would you let a little old lady make you nervous?"
"Humph, she's a hundred years old and you know what she claims?"
"No what does she claim?" Grace said, dropping to a chair.
"She says she was born in 1907, the same year as that old Clem."

Grace broke up with laughter. "Clem can't be THAT old,
Not the way he acts."
"Well, give a year or two, maybe, but he is for sure pushing 90."
Grace got up from the table laughing, and Eureka! the lights came on.

By Marilyn (



The Saw-zaw family was nuts about bananas.
Every New Year' Eve, they made a resolution
to eat as many bananas as possible,
and they would accept no substitution.
However, a big winter storm hit
and there was no banana distribution.
A trip to the Farmers' Market
provided no banana contribution.
Father Saw-zaw looked into his crystal ball
and came up with an adequate solution.
He had much success at the zoo,
which had bananas in their institution.
He took piles and piles of bananas
and faced a certain prosecution.
As he was climbing the zoo's fence,
his escape was hindered by his electrocution.
His family watched as Saw-Zaw sizzled
in his dangerous and untimely execution.
They turned on their heels, being ashamed
of Father Saw-zaw's dissolution.
"That's gratitude for you," said he
as his burning body created air pollution.

By Cara (



back in the year nineteen o seven
i came out of my coma i thought iwas in heaven
i made a resolution
to give a contribution
to the banana saw-zaw company
and dont you see

they made crystal not meth
and yet
along came a storm
be forwarned
that's gratitude for you

it wiped me out
without a doubt
and i was broke
and about to choke

when back into my coma i went
and here the rest of my life will be spent

By Amy (




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