Uh-oh, Rudolph stepped in a hole and broke his leg. Santa is wringing his hands and wondering what he'll do without his lead reindeer. Also, the stuffing machine in the workshop is broken and the elves are having to stuff the soft toys by hand. Not a good thing with only a few hours left before Santa begins his deliveries.

Below are poems by writers who responded to Santa's dilemma.

Santa was in a fix; Rudolf broke his leg while practicing his Christmas flying.
Old Nick was afraid no gifts the children would be untying.

Then he got an idea, a bit of magic was all that was needed.
Why not use his Siberian Huskies, they were good at pulling sleds, and "Sasha" pleaded.

She was the lead of the Husky pack,
And Christmas spirit she did not lack.

Of course, the Huskies could not fly,
But Santa knew on his magic he could rely.

He sprinkled them with some Christmas magic dust,
And off they took with a noise like a rocket's thrust.

"On Sasha, On Wolfgang, On White Fang", you could hear Santa call,
"Now dash away, dash away, dash away all".

I forgot to mention another Christmas problem of sorts.
The stuffing machine in the workshop was broke; it was one of those defective imports.

The teddy bears were flat as pancakes, not to mention the rabbits and ducks.
It appeared that the machine had no flux.

The elves were not ready to do all the work by hand,
And Santa had a reputation to keep all over the land.

So, he got on his hotline to a USA plant that could overnight him a machine that was sure to work,
And all the elves and their helpers worked quickly, their duty not to shirk.

Soon all the stuffed toys were filled and looking fat and jolly.
It was the result of good old US ingenuity, by golly.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)

"Oh no!" Santa cried out. "Rudolph has broken his leg. I knew those reindeer games were too rough."

One of the Elves came into the room just at that moment. "Santa, the stuffing machine is broken. We will never get done in time stuffing toys by hand."

"Me oh my, whatever will we do," Santa asked.

"Rudolph didn't break his leg. He just doesn't want to go out on that foggy night again. He's faking it," proclaimed Dancer.

"Is that true Rudolph? Are you being a slacker?" Santa asked.

"It hurts!" Rudolph sobbed. "And look, it is swollen."

Sure enough, Rudolph's leg was swollen. But it wasn't broken, just sprained. Still, Santa knew that Rudolph couldn't fly in that much pain. "I wonder who will guide my sleigh tonight on this foggy night?"

"I know, I know , Sir," said Prancer. "Look at comet's nose. He's been dipping into the eggnog again. His nose is bright enough to light up the entire world."

"Yes, but I think he is too drunk to fly," one of the elves commented.

"Well, we could always light some Christmas candles. I am sure we have enough to light the way," another elf suggested.

"But what about the toys. We just don't have enough time to stuff them by hand."

"No problem," Mrs. Claus said. "Since Santa has been on a diet, I have been making stuffing for his suit. And I made way too much, so I will help stuff the toys with the left overs. If we all pitch in, I am sure we can finish."

And so, all the reindeer, including Rudolph, (after all, his leg was sprained, but the rest of him worked,) all the elves, Santa and Mrs. Santa, started working. They sang, they whistled, and had a really good time. Before long the toys were stuffed and wrapped. Then loaded onto the sleigh.

"Ok, It's time to light the candles and get this show on the skyways." Santa said. And off they went. Comet was delegated to the middle of the team as he was a bit tipsy and couldn't be trusted. They hurried through the skys and managed to finish the task of delivering toys, just before the world's children awoke. The only hitch in the plans was that with all those reindeer droppings, global warming was speeded up from the greenhouse effect they caused.

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

"OH NO!" cried Santa, he was aghast!
"Rudolph has his leg in a cast!"
The other reindeer had unionized,
And they were mesmerized.

Donner was the Union rep.
He seemed to have the most pep.
"Looks like Rudoph can't fly,
"We don't either...Big Guy!"

The Elves had a union too.
Made sure of what they WON'T do!
Stuffing by hand was against the rules.
They didn't want to be played for fools!

So Santa rented an eighteen wheeler
From a shady used car dealer.
Maybe it wouldn't fly..
But he'd get there by and by.

The Elves were picketing outside the shop.
What they saw brought them to a fast stop.
Up front pulled a Greyhound bus,
Driven by a cranky old cuss.

When he opened the door,
Here comes Jose, Maria and Teodor...
Followed by a hundred others
Cousins and sisters and brothers.

"We are coming to stuff the toys,,
"For all the good girls and boys.
"We work for a dollar a day.
"And probably here, we will stay!"

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

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