"The Beach"
by James D. Mulanax Jr.
153444 U.S.M.C.
In Memory of Dec. 7,1941

Aboard a troop ship,
in the Mediterranean Sea;
a contingent of Marines,
one of them was me.

Off the coast of Turkey,
anchored three miles away,
from the beach, our landing,
on this dawning day.

Over the speaker we heard;
"This is the Captain,
Mess will commence,
for the landing party immediately.

The time was early,
we all dressed, headed for chow.
Got my eyes open as much,
as my lids would allow.

The Navy cooks food,
tasty enough.
We need good nourishment,
to help us keep tough.

Back to the hold,
below decks we go.
And into our gear,
to fight any foe.

My small squad,
was fitted with proper gear;
to breech wire and land mines,
without little fear.

At 0500, not a second later,
the speakers opened.
It was the Captain speaking.
"Away all boats" the only words spoken.

The nets dropped over,
the side of our ship.
We climbed over the rail;
down the net, hoping to not slip.

Down the nets we all went;
into the landing craft swaying.
Left behind any time except
for some praying.

I should have taken
one more trip to the head.
Oh well, I'll wait
to go ashore, instead.

Here we go, over the side.
all loaded with gear.
Must be a hundred pounds,
or more, on me!

"Oops;sorry guy!
didn't mean to step there.
I'll move just a little,
oh yes..it's ok there"

the landing craft sways,
in the sea with a pitch.
Have to time my jump in,
has to be without a hitch.

Oh yes..that's it,
easy and in.
It wasn't so bad;
now the real fun will begin!

All the landing craft circle,
round and around.
Follow the leader;
ore waves we do bound.

Soon we come on line,
all in a rows we all are.
It's dawn now;
we see the beach, it's not far.

Silence, our motors sputtering.
All at once we do roar,
lunging forward with power,
On towards the shore!

Our engines screaming!
Adrenalin flows!
Onward we go,
to what only heaven knows.

We're poised and ready,
we now see the barriers and wire.
In the distance too,
the enemy pill boxes ready to fire!

The landing craft bottoms hit sand.
The ramps go down;
and out we pour,
heading for dry ground.

We are first in;
laying our bangalore torpedos.
The wire disappears;
in a flash it goes!

We then sweep for mines,
on our bellies crawling.
All around us,
are mortars falling.

"It's clear boys,
come on in, make it fast!."
Quickly secure the beach head,
this cover won't last.

But don't be afraid.
We were lucky you see.
I was part of a mock landing in '57,
on shores of Izmir, Turkey.

By Jim (KMGramps2006@aol.com)




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