Michael wandered the stores, wondering what to get his parents for Christmas. He had saved money from his paper route to shop. His parents were difficult to buy for. They both worked hard to provide a nice home for he and his little sister Sandy. Last week, he had bought an inexpensive Mp3 player for Sandy and put some of her favorite children's songs on it. Then wrapped it and put it under the tree. He had also bought and wrapped some cat toys for their cat. But so far he couldn't decide what to give his Mother and Father.

As he wondered through the store, he noticed some Christmas stockings. An idea formed. He bought two of them. He bought some of his mother's favorite chocolates. He bought his father a package of socks. Then he took his purchases home and hid them in his closet. The next day he rode his bicycle to the mall and stopped at the movie theater. There he paid for movie pass booklets, which had 10 passes each in it. He got two of these. He walked over to a restaurant and got a gift certificate of $20. It took a lot of his savings to get these gifts. He went home and placed these things in the stockings. He smuggled his little sister into his room and the two of them started making homemade gifts. His sister made a noodle bracelet for their mother, and a picture she drew herself for Father.

Michael took pictures of the family on the sly, and those were included in the stockings. Sandy and Michael made handmade tags for the stockings. They kept the stocking hidden until Christmas Eve. Then they brought the stockings out and set them next to the tree. On one stocking was printed with a marker, Dad. The other said Mom. Of course Mom and Dad noticed them, but they pretended not to do so.

Christmas morning the family got up, ate breakfast, and dressed for early Mass. After church, they opened the gifts. Sandy loved her Mp3 player. Michael was quite happy with the warm cap Sandy had bought from a neighbor's yard sale. She didn't have much money, but her mother had given her some to go to the sale. It was just right for riding his paper bike around in the early morning. Their parents had gotten Sandy a new comforter for her bed. They had gotten Michael a new computer game. Their parents were delighted with their stocking gifts. And the cat had more fun playing with boxes and Christmas wrapping, then it did with the toys. All and all it was a pleasant family Christmas. Later, they contacted Grandma and Grandma by phone to wish them a Merry Christmas.


By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)


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