There is a present under the tree,
With no tag for to whom it is,
Nor as you can see, nothing says
Who it is from.

The tree is not a great big one,
Setting on a milk crate it is.
An old white sheet does hide it though,
As the tree is all lit up.

The present there on the bottom of the stack,
Crudely wrapped in red
Santa Claus paper,
With a little stick on green bow.

Who is it for,
What does it contain?
Why the mystery or can you guess?
Maybe just an empty box.

In my family, it is known,
That poppa’s presents are badly wrapped.
Sort of think intentional it is,
But he always does it himself.

Always the same paper he does use,
All his presents wrapped the same.
Simple paper, corners taped down,
And with a stick on bow.

He sticks them in the back, he does,
And under the bottom of the stack.
That is his little game,
So who gets the unmarked one?

By Tom (


The small tree sits on a table
In front of the living room window
Miniature ornaments are hanging
Hundreds of tiny lights are glowing.

Beneath the tree is a Nativity Scene
Reminding us of the holy day
When God's great gift to mankind
Came as a tiny baby.

The gift is wrapped in gold foil
Tied with green velvet ribbon
It glows with warmth and wonder
Waiting for YOU to accept it.

The box is filled with God's love
Given to YOU this Christmas Day
Open it with joy and thanksgiving
His gift is priceless and precious.

By Frannie (


There is no way to wrap this package
But I know just what it will be
It's all of my children and grandkids
Coming here to visit with me

It's been many a year since we all
Got together all at one time
If they could manage this holiday
It would make life sublime

So the gift under the Christmas tree
Would be a gathering of all
My loved ones coming for a visit
Instead of the usual phone call

This gift would be the best of worlds
Much better than bought in a store
If this would be granted on this year
I'd ask for nothing at all more

By Sharon (


It was a long auto trip to Florida for Christmas that year.
It was a time for a family reunion, and a time of good cheer.

The little tree on the patio was decorated with sand dollars from the local beach, and the house with red Christmas ornaments and philodendron plants.
The tree stood on a table surrounded by gifts from each member of the family as well as some friends who were northern transplants mixed in with the nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts.

Each person had brought a gift for an exchange later in the day.
However, one was missing because one guest had no money to pay.

The trip of several hundred miles two ways was expensive for gas and food.
This left no extra money for a present to add to the mood.

The hostess had prepared for such an event.
So under the tree, the mystery present went.

It was put there when no one was looking, and it was a lovely one too.
A box wrapped in foil, a beautiful shade of blue.

It has a Christmas bow of silver with a tiny Christmas bell.
Everyone thought it was pretty and to receive it would be swell.

No one was left out and everyone got a gift that day including those who had none to share.
It was a wonderful day for all because the hostess never failed to prepare and really did care.

By Phyllis Ann (


There is a box wrapped in blue and a ribbon of white.
Like clouds in a beautiful sky.
But there is no name tag in sight,
We'll see who opens it, bye and bye.

Is it like a Pandora's box?
That shouldn't see the light of day?
But I don't see any golden locks,
To keep its contents at bay.

All the other gifts have been given.
Ties and socks and jackets of fleece.
There sits that mystery present,
Do you think it might contain Peace?

By Swampetta (


The little white frame house with green trim sported a tree-shaped string of lights through its window, and in its living room under a spindly tree with a few ornaments were a few presents. All had tags save one. They were all wrapped in Christmas paper, save one. The one was wrapped in the newspaper funnies and tied with several strands of red yarn. On its side was painted a big red "B." It was Christmas eve, and Joe and Mary had been married about a year. Their living room was furnished - oh, yes, it was furnished with a hand-me-down rocker and a 5' by 7' oddly pink chenille rug. In their kitchen was a white enamel table and two red chairs.

Joe and Mary had attended mid-night mass that night and came home with the glow of winter hope. They had heard the strains of "In a bleak mid-winter..." Mary sat in the rocking chair, and Joe sat on the rug beneath. "Wanna open presents?" "Sure," replied Mary, "I'll make us some cocoa. Then while sipping his hot cocoa, Joe crawled on his knees and picked up a box with Santas all over it and handed it to Mary. He was sneaking a grin. Mary pulled the ribbon, wondering, wondering, what has he spent money on now? When she opened a soft white terry robe with matching slides, she no longer cared about the money. She cuddled the robe to her face and bent down to Joe with a kiss. Joe continued separating the presents. They planned to go to Mary's mother's for Christmas dinner. Mary was actually a very poor cook. Finally, all the presents - not very many - were stacked to take to the relatives the next day. Two contained stationery, one a little doll, another some marbles - all they could afford. Joe began to look dejected. Then, Mary, picked up the newspaper-wrapped box and handed it to Joe. He realized now that the mystery present was for him. He tore into it, and there he found a soft blue baby blanket. Puzzled, he looked at her. Mary replied "Your boy is on the way."

By Norma (




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