T'Was the night before Christmas, the soldier laid all alone
Exhausted and lonely for he was far away from home.

Only photos and letters to read to remember those whom he loved and missed
He prays to God and tells him what is on his Christmas list.

Dear God, all I want is for you to take care of my wife
For she is the only true thing that makes me happy and enjoy this life.

I want you to take care of my family & friends and ensure their health
Money can buy happiness but, your love is worth more than wealth.

Please give all those who are at home safe & sound a joyful holiday season
We will be over here protecting them for all the right reasons.

Let everyone know that they are secure and can rest tonight
Tomorrow is Christmas Day, and we'll be here to stand against any fight.

Tell Santa that he may fly through the night delivering toys with ease
That he is protected by a U.S. Soldier fighting for all peace.

By Cpl. Travis Highfill ( Serving in Iraq )(Rose4me1932@aol.com)

A poem written by the nephew of Rose's (Rose4me1932@aol.com) son.




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