The sunrise pushes away the clouds with their blush of pink
While night-time's snowflakes continue to fall into the light
A deer and her fawn tiptoe to the pond for a drink
Is there more enchantment ever than in a new snowfall?

Shimmering waves of soft white cover the lea
A bright red Cardinal sits on the fence and makes his call
To bring his mate to join him on this winter day
Together to go to the bird feeder

The squirrels are busy digging thru the snow
Thinking they can smell a nut they buried there
Way back in the autumn, sure they'll know
That they've found the right spot

Chickadees gather on the ground around the box
Picking up the seeds that are dropped by others
Birds fly into the feeder in huge flocks
Making sure they will get their share

A new snowfall makes a world look brand new
Covering up flaws and scenes of sadness
For awhile nothing seems to be askew
For awhile, all is white with the world

By susi taylor (
winter 2007




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