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The Christmas Sleigh
By Starbird, TOMWYO, LaraOct7, Twilite, SWAMPETTA
An Invitation to Write
Christmas Letters
By Phyllis Ann (
Welcome To Winter
New 'Toon by Swampetta (
One Fateful Night
By Connie (
A Flower and Music Festival
By Marilyn (
Red Sky
By Joy (
Winds of Winter
By Sunyskys, SWAMPETTA, Starbird, TOMWYO, Frannie, Twi1ite
By Sunyskys1943, Starbird55, TOMWYO, SWAMPETTA, LaraOct7
Haiku: Cardinal
An Invitation to Write
The Beach
By Jim (
One More Year
By Emiliano (
Gingerbread House
By Tom (
The Mystery Present
By TOMWYO, Frannie516, Sunyskys, Starbird, SWAMPETTA, Twi1ite
Winter Bridge
By Starbird, TOMWYO, Sunyskys, Twi1ite, LaraOct7
Holiday Memories
An Invitation to Write
The Christmas Stockings
By Sharon (
New Entry
By Mary (
The Snowfall
By susi taylor (
Softly Spoken Words
By Swampetta (
By Barbara (
Me & Mrs. Claus
By Tom (
Jen and Yaz
By TOM (
Santa's Workshop
By Starbird, Sunyskys, SWAMPETTA
The Night Before Christmas
By Cpl Travis Highfill ( New Author )
Ode to 2007
By Evelyn (
Wild Times and Dandelions
By Sunyskys, Starbird, Twi1ite, TOMWYO, LaraOct7
Tears In December
By Marilyn (
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