this has been a landmark year
a time of remembrance
to cherish all that we hold dear.
looking over either shoulder
time’s hour glass sand has flowed
and made us another five years older.
first anniversary symbol is “paper.”
how young and vigorous we were.
life then was still a honeymoon caper!

second to tenth flew in succession–
cotton, leather, linen-silk and wood
symbols named in ordered progression,
threading and weaving on life’s loom,
were learning and growing years and
John, Vivian, Marcia joined the baby boom.
iron, wool-copper, bronze, pottery, tin,
Maureen was bronze in the loom’s design.
Sheila Rose, born on our tenth, a win, win!

steel, silk, lace, ivory and crystal years,
how they came like inherited treasures
with much laughter, joy and a few tears.
the loom’s design was soon revealed
when Karen Marie joined the family
in the year that the symbol was “steel.”
time’s hour glass from then on, it seems,
lost its sand at a rapid and alarming rate,
leaving us with memories and dreams.

we’ve celebrated ”silver, ruby and gold”
and toasted “emerald” with loved ones.
young at heart, we watch each tapestry unfold
in our children, the fruits of our loom,
their families now labeled generation ”X,”
whose offspring are the ”millennial” boom!
the “silent” generation now gives thanks, praise
for all of life’s blessings they have received–
“the family they have been privileged to raise!”

Mom and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa
Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

By Evelyn McCusker (





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