A crisp night in mid-February,
So cold it just might snow.
I looked at my sweetheart thinking;
To the store I must go.

I bought him a Valentine card.
On it a picture and a little story.
A young couple and a big full moon,
Lighting the night in all its glory.

That couple looked like us.
When we were young, a beautiful sight.
In the Springtime of our lives.
Now it's more like twilight.

I bought him a golden watch.
Engraved with a little verse.
"We loved not wisely but too well."
Took all the money from my purse.

Gave it to him with a little kiss,
Saying "Happy Valentine's Day my dear."
He said; "I have always known that...
"You are nuts! This makes it very clear!"

See, time means nothing to him.
Even a watch that's made of gold.
I should have got it before he retired.
Now he's just too damn old!

He sits in front of the TV,
Spellbound by 'The History of WWII'
And now and then checks his watch,
To see if the football game is due.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)




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