In all my life, I have never seen or made
a gingerbread house. Dont know why.
Altho, I made gingerbread man cookies
with my mother at one time and then
many times with my girls. Was messy.
Were frosted in different colors or white.
After that I made them when they were
at school or sleeping, a perfect time.
Kids said fun to play and good to eat.

I remember making them near the end
of November and in the Spring time.
Made lots: bread, donuts, coffee cakes,
cakes, and pies along with the cookies.
Neighbors and friends called my house
the bakery, the scent in the air was why.
Also, kids eating something they had
never seen before. My kids said mother
made them and offered them one any
time, whenever over at my house to play,
and I did, if they came for a visit, coffee, too.

Did baking every three days, the limit.
For many years, never fail, I made lots.
Different Christmas cookies, a favorite.
Later it became the chocolate chip kind.
No baking on weekends, my days off.
The smell of my baking has gone away.
I would say my baking days are over.
Daughters and inlaws bring me some.
Miss baking, no. They are "sweet" memories.

By Lilly (



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