Once he had the ultimate,
The most perfect valentine;
Best word to describe her, “Great!”
Then he slowly sipped more wine.

She looked even better then,
Though that was hard to believe.
So he filled the glass again,
To prove eyes didn’t deceive.

Once more, her features improved:
That cute nose turned up a bit,
Blemishes were all removed,
And the way that her blouse fit!

He tilted his glass higher,
And more wine slipped off his tongue.
She set his heart on fire,
A choir of angels sung.

Gulping down another drink;
He watched her eyes grow brighter.
Even thought he saw her wink,
And all his cares grew lighter.

Setting his glass on the bar,
He next leaned over to say,
“I like what I see so far….”
But his wife yanked him away.

By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)








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