Large flakes coming down,
Children with black cloths running around,
The flake, the flakes they are saying
As one they catch and it examine.

No two snowflakes are the same,
My oh my what a shame,
Jillions of flakes a falling,
As I just stand a watching.

The ground is soon covered
With the fallen snow,
But the sun pops through
And it is oh, oh, oh.

Twinkling like gems,
Like light on a prism,
The rainbow of colors
Make us go, "Ah"...

Old man nature does his wand wave
As the scene is quickly transformed.
From a brown blah scene
To a winter wonderland.

Mother Nature does wave her wand
And magic scenes cause
As we shiver and slog along.
Plow, cuss and yet enjoy.

The marvels of winter are
Something to behold,
Nothing in silver and gold,
Just lovely varying scenes.

By Tom (







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