The old girl was spellbound as she looked into the crystal ball.
The fortune teller assured her that the "magic" would tell all.

Just cross my palm with a little gold, my deary, she did croon.
I will tell your fortune and promise under a June moon you will swoon.

"I have always known...." the old dame did say in a crackling voice;
I would find true love, and the love of my choice.

The gypsy said, "Just believe and repeat this verse after me, and all will be true.
Chant that your true love will come into view."

In the twilight, the gypsy looked pleased as into her crystal ball she did gaze.
Happy she was as some cash she did raise.

This story could have a happy ending, but I dare not say, "Yea".
For the old dame on herself a trick did play.

On a June night under a full moon she waited for her love to come into view,
But what fell from the sky was a cold, crisp can of Mountain Dew.

By Phyllis Ann (




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