All too often I never wanted to see
the hurt and despair which engulfs my very soul
I never wanted to open my eyes
that the one I loved --- simply didn't care
Although I might see this,
I still wanted to think --
he can't help but love me!
I'd given him my all
How could he not love me
How could he not care
Why can't he see into my heart
and the goodness inside of it ---
the hurt which is so visible

All I want ever wanted
was for you to love me - to care for me.
Is that asking too much?
The tears I shed each night
while remembering our nights together
the warmth of your body close to mine
Where did it go
Where is it now
Why can't you love me
Don't you care how hurt I feel inside......
the anguish that's been inflicted upon my soul
Why can't you love me as you once did
Where did your love go?
Did you ever love me
or were you just pretending?
I see now you were ------- only pretending!









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