Hey, Jake, remember last winter round the lake, warmest year ever it was said. Folks feel sorry for Old Jane, and help her generously, so she tries to help all us - goes to the centers, brings the ladies clothes and some "homeless packs". Wonder if they notice she doesn't get her own sizes!

Never saw a year like this one since I've been on the streets, but Old Jane came through. Got me a big, big plasma TV box so I could join this city with you, Jake, out of the wind. I've seen those pictures of folks in houses up north where the snow piles halfway up their doors. Now I know how they feel - it's piled half way up to the open end of this cardboard crate.

Jake, don't you worry none, won't always be like this. Someday I'll buy you a big can of Alpo and a stew bone. Right now we'll share a couple of those homeless pack pop top cans Old Jane shared, and the stained pillow and blanket. Cardboard's getting wet, though, so get under it here with me. Jake, I don't mind your mud. One day we'll have better days. Just don't you mind a little applesauce to keep you from starving. You and me have to adapt to the bad times.

Tomorrow, Jake, maybe some sun will melt it off. This is the south, boy, so it must happen. Jake, Jake, you're not snoring none, you're not moving none. Jake, Jake, Jake! You're all I have, only one I can trust, now don't go and freeze on me....

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)




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