I've never seen a robin weep,
or a horse fly.
I've never seen the devil dust,
or ivy creep;
nor have I heard a hummingbird hum,
or the puff-a-belly puff
"I think I can. I think I can."

But I've seen wonders equally grand:
the moon spreading its light across Mobile Bay;
a buttercup bursting forth at Easter;
a mama duck with her ducklings in a train.
I've seen a sleeping baby's sudden smileó
all surely the work of a Divine Hand!

I have sat on the dock under fading stars
as my own private sun rose
above misty waters;
entranced as silver bass exploded
from dark waters, marveled
at the ever-widening circles spreading,

Sitting on the dock in the morning's calm,
I know that at the appointed time,
I will be lifted to yet another,
even more wondrous,

By Rod Franklin (AMPAW@aol.com)






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