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Winter Stop

By Marilyn (

It looks as though this little boy might be waiting for his school bus! School on a snowy day? Unheard of in today's world. One snowflake and the schools in my area close.

I attended a rural school and I walked to and from school in all kinds of weather. I wore boots and leggings and I don't remember ever being cold.

What can you write about this little boy at the bus stop? What was winter like when you went to school? Did you stay home when it snowed? Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.


Winter Stop

By Amy (

snow flakes
and pancakes
and cold winter gear
cocoa and marshmallows lots of good cheer

galoshes and rubbers
mittens and scrubbers
these are a few of our wintry day things
cold noses, fogged glasses
snow on my eyelashes
shovels and snowmobiles
we sure did get our fill

six feet of snow
and how did the wind blew
oer streets and hills
covering the daffodils

sleds and ice skates
moms how they'd bake
cookies, pies and delicious cakes
oh tommy put away that rake

snow angels and sleds
and flannel sheets on our beds
leggings and snow suits
and real rubber boots

all of these things remind me to put away the mop
after cleaning up from the lone winter stop...
now i am most ready to flop....


Winter Stop

By Sharon (

boy --- "Oh wow! It's snowing. Maybe the school bus won't come."

dog---" Why oh why do I come to the bus stop with my friend? It's darn cold out here."

boy---"I wonder if I can catch a snowflake on my tongue."

dog---"What is that idiot kid doing?"

boy---"This is fun."

dog---"This is misery."

Mom---"Joey, come on back inside. School has been canceled due to snow."

boy---"Hurray! Now I can play outside in the snow all day."

dog---"Hurray! Now we can go inside and get warm."

Teacher---"Hurray! I can go back to bed."

Mom---"Boohoo sob sob sob."


Bus Stop

By susi (

snowballs flying
kids yelling
the bus hasn't come yet
no thoughts on spelling

books on the ground
snow's a delight
where IS that bus?
uh oh, a snowball fight!

ohhhhh here is the bus!
snowball's on hold
wet papers turned in
the teachers will scold

back off the bus
school's out for the day
more fun in the snow
the kids start to play

fun at the bus stop
school is forgotten
family dog is barking
last one home is an egg so rotten


Winter Stop

By Joy (

Up and dressed
and down to eat
Hot oatmeal with brown sugar,
Such a treat!

The weather man tells us
That the roads are icy
No school today
Seems the travel is dicey

As much as I like
To go to school
Once in a while
Like to break the rule

The plows go by
One after the other
"Get your scarf and boots"
I hear from Mother

There go my dreams
Of staying warm in bed
But reluctantly I dress
Like Mother said

I grab my lunch
As my pal, Urban, stirs
Out to the bus stop
Waiting by the curb

Urban leaves prints in the snow
As he paces around
Far down the street
Comes the bus with a bound

Say, "sorry" to my best friend
And climb into my seat
Wave goodbye, and "see ya"
'Til next time we meet

Sure enough I see
Urban waiting for me
As the bus rounds the corner
At quarter past three

Maybe tomorrow
More snow will appear
And I can stay home
With my friend Urban so near


Winter Stop

By Tom (

Up where we live, we get lots of snow,
My cousin Jim has never seen it.
My cousin Molly lives in Georgia
And when it snows they close the schools.

Shucks me and Lad, he is my dog,
We just take the snow as it is natural.
They donít close the school up here,
Unless the roads are all closed.

I have snow boots like my dadís,
And a nice down filled coat.
So when it snows, mom makes soup,
And when I get home, hot chocolate is awaiting.

Heck I am a lucky boy,
I live close to the bus stop,
Donít have to walk a mile or two,
Like Jake, Willie and Lulu.

Got my own sleigh riding hill,
And there is a shed up there too,
So when it snows and gets real deep,
Dad packs down the hill and opens the gate.

Winter time is neat, because snowmen I make,
But I ainít too good at making them yet.
But my sis is so neat,
She makes them faces and then they talk.

I hear the school bus a coming,
Lad will go back to the house,
And I will ride along,
And enjoy the snow on the ground.


The Way to School

By Bob (

I feel compelled to write about some of my adventures in going to school. I see this little guy at the bus stop with his faithful pooch and wonder if he knows just how fortunate he is having a school bus to take him to school! When I was a kid, I must admit that I did not walk uphill both ways in the driving snowstorms. I RODE MY BIKE.

That is, I rode my bike to school, after delivering my paper route, which I did faithfully from elementary school age until age 15 when my mother lost the Denver Post agency due to men returning from World War II wanting their old jobs back. In order to do that I got up at 5:00 am every day, went to the railroad depot and picked up the bundle of papers for our town, sat and folded them to be able to put them in my paper bag for throwing them, while reading the latest news. (I was pretty well informed for an elementary school student.)

We had very cold winter weather in my home town of Las Vegas, New Mexico (yes, there is one, and was one, some twenty-nine years before Nevada even became a state). The elevation of Las Vegas is 6,401 feet. On my coldest day working there, the overnight temperature was 22 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, but my mother went there with the kids one morning when the record overnight temperature hit, at that time, 36 below. (Both days the papers were delivered to all the subscribers.)

I remember one day in particular, when the snow in our town reached nearly three feet on the level. I had been delivering my papers on my bike, but the snow got so deep it was impossible for a person of my size to push that bike through it, so I had to abandon my bicycle and finish the rest of my paper route on foot. I was still on time to school (which did not close).

I look at the picture of the boy waiting for his ride in that nearly three inches of snow, with his back pack on wheels, his parka, and fashionable boots, wishing that each one of those items had been invented "when I was a kid". I envy him that faithful dog who braved the weather to see him off. Our dog was a chihuahua, and we would not let him out on cold days for fear of his freezing.

I probably sound like I am jealous of that little boy, and oh BOY am I! I would not take the proverbial million dollars for my experiences, but I wouldn't take the same million (or a second one) to go through all of them again!


Winter Stop

By Cara (

"Put on your boots," said my mother.
"If you're walking to the bus stop in the snow,
put on your scarf and get your mittens.
Get ready for the outside winds that blow."

Winter Snow

The snowflakes dancing
pirouetting in the sky
snow ballerinas


Twirling round and round
falling gently to the ground
make a fairy land


Winter Stop

By Phyllis Ann (

Winter in the mid-west, no schools were let out for snow.
The only way you could stay home was with a bad cold, cough and red nose to blow.

The buses carried cinders and shovels in case of getting stuck.
The kids had to stay put as the bus driver shoveled them under the tires and over the muck.

With all the winter clothes, the bus was often hot and kids would sweat.
Then out in the cold to cool off too fast was with sickness often met.

Old Shep liked to wait at the stop for his favorite lad to leave and come back again.
He wanted to play and didn't care if to school he had been.

Winter Stop In My Time

From the house, I had a view of the road several feet away.
It was too far to run and catch the school bus, no matter how cold and snowy the day.

So with a large note book across my arms, stacked with two columns of books I did trudge.
Scarf, coat and mittens didn't help my poor legs, and sometimes the time I could not judge.

Skirts, jumpers and dresses were required for high school girls in those times.
I wish the people that made those rules had to stand and wait for the bus like me sometimes.

With legs stinging from the cold and wind, I'd board the tardy bus.
It was enough to make a nice Christian girl want to cuss.


Winter Stop

By Jeanie (








Winter Stop

By Lilly (

I, being a city girl, am familiar with A Winter Stop. Tho not much to write about it.. I am sorry..

Growing up, I attended boarding school and there was a tunnel to go to school in bad or snowy weather..

My kids got rides to school and out in country took the bus. But I did'nt see what went on..kinda hard to imagine,too. Most times they made snowballs and would throw them at each other, or there was no school on those heavy snowy days.

My kids and grandkids take a bus or walk, or get rides to school.


Winter Stop

By RickMack(

Itís no day to miss the bus,
With snow really piling up,
But you canít make this kid rush,
Dawdling, playing with his pup.

Now, the question on his mind:
Has the school bus come and gone?
Maybe it left him behind,
After all his friends got on.

Off to work, went Mom and Dad,
So no chance to get a ride.
A long walk to school he had,
And might get lost if he tried.

Then, what if he got frostbite?
His mother wouldnít like that.
He pulled his mittens on tight,
And yanked down his woolen hat.

Deciding it would be best,
And the safest thing to do,
Even if heíd miss that test -
He headed home, the dog, too.


Early Day

By Swampetta (

Kevin was thrilled it was snowing!
School had let out early.
Sure was cold and the wind was blowing.
He'd get the sled, him and his sister Shirley.

The bus was coming, but the driver was slow.
The weather made her scary.
The winter sun was only a glow,
And the driving sure was hairy!

The kids had all run through the school halls,
Screeching and laughing at this treat.
Making snow angels and big snow balls,
And a snow fort that none could defeat.

Sure, school was for learning things,
Reading, writing and social skills.
But when the early dismissal bell rings,
Get ready for some frozen thrills!


Winter Stop

By Norma (

When I grow up, Iíll say to my chillun
I was in that big snow of 2008,
Colderní than the North Pole it was,
Had to be protected by my doggy mate.

Waited on that corner every day,
That old school bus would spit and churn,
Kids today get a high-priced ride,
Back in my day, I had to learn.

Donít think Iíll be believed at all
Never believed Dadís tale in his day,
Walked ten miles in the snow he told me,
Chickins come home to roost, they say.



By Mary Mizrany (

"Bundle up good"
he heard mother say . . .
"Tis sure ta be cold
on this snowy day".

"I'm bundled real good"
the young lad replied;
clad with gloves n warm boots
faithful Shep by his side.

Snow flakes aticklin'
his uplifted face;
"Good day fer sleddin'
might e'en have a race".

Bet tha others are waitin'
with those twins Ray n Roy;
Quik Quincy tha oldest
n that skinny lil' boy.

Ahhh, it'll be fun
flyin' high down that hill;
yep, that skinny one's fast
he be Chad's brother, Bill.

When school is over
we'll draw straws to see;
just who'll be first
oh, I hope it is me.

Then we'll build a snowman
I'll lend him pa's pipe;
decorate him with berries
eat a few if they're ripe.

When evenin' arrives
we'll settle in for the night;
lots a memories lingerin'


Blackburn Road

By Jim (

Mom dressed us up
from head to toe..
winter gear we all
came to know

She with loving care
prepared us all three
for our trek down
to wait for the bus, you see.

Caps that went over our ears
cinched so tight, brought some tears.
scarves hand made with love we knew
she made sure our necks didn't turn blue

Our snowsuit was something else!
Just like Ralphy's in Christmas Story.
Just as he..dressed in
all our glory..

Goulashes oh yess..them too
had to pull um on
we pulled, Mom shoved,
they went on for sure.

Then out we went
into the weather
tidy and warm,
like birds of a feather..

KMGramps2006 ..Jim




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