A wee bit of Ireland for you which brings good luck, fortune and fame.
The “luck o’ the Irish to ye” if the tricky little leprechaun you can tame.

He knows where the fortune lies at the end of the rainbow, the pot of gold.
He’ll reveal the secret if you can on the slippery wee fellow get a hold.

If you are walking along a wooded path on a moonlit night,
And hear the tapping of a tiny hammer, an elfin shoemaker might be in sight.

In the Spring of the year, the Irish elf will be up to his roguish tricks.
So if you think you can catch him, you may be in a fix.

He will fool you into looking away for an instant, and that’s all it takes.
He will escape into the forest as he knows the human’s mistakes.

He is a tricky sort as all the Irish know.
The little Irish elf wants to keep his fortune and watch it grow.

By Phyllis (Starbird55@comcast.net)


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