Soon it will be Easter. The bunny will hide the first eggs, but uncles hide the others. This year gold dollar coins will be in about 20 of the eggs. One more little boy will be here to enjoy with his cousins.

We will eat as a family, simple foods and drinks. Enjoy the kids and laugh at the adults trying to relive their childhoods. We will start with the youngest child, and when he finds the first egg the next child will begin, and so on until everyone is hunting eggs.

Plastic colorful eggs with candy or gold coins inside. All done in the name of love, from parents, grand parents and the Father above.

Grandma gets a few little goodies for each child, age appropriate of course. I am always amazed at how quickly they gather the eggs and are ready to hunt for more. I love it when they all gather together and enjoy the company of the relatives. It makes me proud they do so well playing together. Each one gets one chocolate rabbit too.

By Barbara (
By Barbara (



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