You had to leave today.
I won't have my cup of coffee with a cup of cat anymore.
You were my Marmalade color cat.
In human years you would have been about 80.
You were the cat who thought all the other cats were intruders.
Sort of "Gypsy Cats" who would just keep on going.
They didn't. You just asserted yourself to let them know who was in charge.
I think they will miss you.
They will know that they can cross the kitchen without you sounding a warning.
It was, after all, your kitchen.
If there is an afterlife for cats, and I'm sure there must be,
You can join up with Rocco, Little Guy, La-La, and Schwartzie.
They will let you run things.
We will miss you.
Especially in the morning with my cup of coffee and no cat.

By Swampetta (





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