Come Molly, Mary and Martha,
we are all agoing to America,
her ma and da did say,
as there was nothing to eat.

I sold the cow, I sold my coat,
Ma ever sold her ring.
So they all with bundles in hand,
traipsed to the nearest sailing port.

Passage in steerage was no fun,
but they laughed and sang,
as the little people hung around.
Then one day they saw the land.

They all ended up on the train,
rode out west where a
soddie they built,
and began life anew.

Da was killed on the railroad,
So Ma and the children
went down to the Oklahoma territory,
where Ma did cook on a ranch.

And soon the girls did blossom and grow,
one marrying a preacher, the other a judge.
But Mary, bless her soul,
she became the local schoolteacher.

Ma later did remarry
the man who ran the livery stable.
And now they are all happy,
and each still carries a four-leaf clover.

By Tom (





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