"Hello, I am so happy to see you again"
or, I would be if you will come back,
it seems that you have been gone so long,
longer than the year it has been

While you are here, my world is bright
love seems to abound just everywhere
everything you touch turns to color
and we become accustomed to each other

I greet you from my front door with open arms
the sight of you, fills me with love
I hold your warmth close to me all day long
and at night, I welcome your coolness

I know, you stay as long as you can
but I feel such a sadness when I know
that your time to stay is almost gone
even though you try to make everything beautiful

Sadly, the calendar pages fall, and it's time,
I say goodbye and close the door behind you
I know you'll come back but your absence is long
and my heart will be silent till you return

Short days, long nights, the time drags by,
my mind stays busy with daily, mundane thoughts
I read empty words, watch empty scenes
waiting, knowing that you will return

It won't be long now, time is flying past
I am depending on you, don't let me down
Oh, Summer, I can hardly wait for you to be here
You have been gone so long

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)








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