Speak to me, acknowledge I exist,
look at me I am a real man.
I live and breathe,
I am really standing here.

Look at me, let me know
you actually see me.
I admire you so,
my presence escapes you.

You, regal as you are,
the belle of the ball.
Raise your hand and wave,
I do adore you.

You on your elevated plane,
me a minion down below.
I want you to be mine,
I think you are divine.

I stand alone,
it is you I adore,
I wish you for my wife,
let me share your life.

We are from different worlds,
You up there and
me a working stiff.
Will the twain ever meet?

Speak to me, acknowledge I exist,
wave to me, I am a real man.
Be mine forever more,
Live with me, let me adore you.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)




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