For all the times I said "Hello"
And I really meant "Goodbye"..
For all the times I didn't laugh,
But neither did I cry.

For all the times I turned away,
And I actually wanted to look..
For all the emotions I didn't show,
I could almost write a book.

And all the times when I said; "Sure!"
While I was thinking;"Not happening here."
All the times I wasn't missing you,
But failed to make that clear.

When I think back to all those times,
I lied when I said "It's True!"
And then there was the moment I said;
"The fault is mine. Be assured it isn't you."

Came the day you said to me;
"You know I really love you!"
That was one of the moments...
I could have given you a clue!

Instead I bit my tongue and thought;
'Well, I guess it's now or never,"
I should have said; "I don't even care about you!"
But I held my breath and said:"Forever?"





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