An old treadle machine
Shows signs of the past
Where miles of cloth were sewn
Work done lies unappreciated
Now covered in dust, it sits
.... A memory of its past !

Chairs with nicks and scratches
Made studier than those of present
Cupboard shows of ancient times
Plain wooden walls once
Adorned of beautiful paper
Now stands in shreds
Each showing the decay of time
No doctors for miles around
Horse and buggy only transportation ....
Outhouses with Sears book at hand !

Only those who've lived the past
Appreciate the present!
Expensive cars of all kinds ...
Maids to do our work;
Gardeners to work our lawns.
No water from wells do we drink;
Finest of wines to lift our spirits;
Dentist to correct our teeth !

Drugs now line our streets
Destroying the minds of youth
Welfare on the rise
Most too lazy to work
Babies born out of wedlock
Uncaring parents born unto them!
Fortunate are the ones
Who are dearly loved !

By Connie (




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