When I looked at you.......
I saw kindness in your eyes
When I think of you.......
Sometimes, I wanna cry

You instilled a love in me
A love I've never known
I sit here in the darkness
Waiting.... waiting by the phone

Many miles I have traveled
Seeing sights I've never seen
I envision you beside me
But know you're with Marlene

Is she as good to you as me
Does she rub your back at night
Does she whisper to you sweet things
Sayin' thing's (are) gonna be alright

Our time spent together
Seemed like an eternity
I had given you all I had
And gave most generously

One day there'll come a time
When I'll hear you call my name
By then it'll be too late
It'll be a love you can't reclaim

By Connie (CSThomas@aol.com)

Connie wrote the poem and she also designed the featured image.

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