Often I have set off for a day of peace and found wonders and pleasures for my soul. Once in a park in Pa. I took a turn and found Falling Waters by Frank L. Wright. It is a quiet place, set in the deep mountain pines. The road is dark because of old forest growth; when you reach the house you see the sky again. It is an adventure of its own, how the water flows from under the house. It was built as a summer house originally.

As a child, I was privileged to have wonderful neighbors. Mr Bills and his daughter Edith lived in the big stone house across the street. He had chickens and a swing on his front porch. Often he would let me swing with him and wait until it was time to turn the board walk. After flipping the boards, he would let the chickens out to eat the grubs and bugs. It was another adventure for me. The house was dark inside, all dark wood. It smelled of old wood and books. My favorite place was the swing. Now it is stripped bare and falling down, but it's on an old house registry.

You can smell fresh hay from far away. My Mom's dad had a farm in the mountains of Md. It was a big deal to go to the farm and see the people and animals, and roll in the new hay. Grandad would let us ride on top of the hay, on the horse drawn wagon, and back to the barn we would go. He was a special person, a true man of God, I thought.

I have wondered about the hills of Pa. and found the beautiful cross of Jumonsville, seen from many places when lit up at night. It is beautiful and serene, and adds a sense of peace to the already peaceful mountains.

I walked the grounds of Fort Necessity and the old Inn also. I recalled history as I strolled along, listening to the pines, thinking I could almost hear the young men in pain and hunger that terrible winter with George Washington as their commander.

I walked around the wagon, the grounds, and wondered about the family who had traveled in it. Perhaps we could one day travel and find new adventures together.

By Brier (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)






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