Just say it isnít so
Didnít you say in bleak November,
Push it down in mid December
Will I see another spring?

Will I wake to daffodils,
Will I hear red robinís trills,
Or will I quietly fade away,
Will I see another spring?

Will redbuds lighten my heavy heart,
Will colts dance with meadow larks,
Will I walk through gardens bright
Will I see another spring?

Will I inhale the dew fresh air,
Will Texas bluebonnets coat my "where?"
Will stores fill with pastels and plisse,
Will I see another spring?

The clock turned with deliberate speed,
Snow came and went on winterís steed,
And I walk through clover to my knees,
I am seeing another spring.

© By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)





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