What is Haiku?

Haiku is a very old form of Japanese poetry, written in the format of three lines and consisting of no more than 17 syllables (5-7-5). Japanese haiku usually has a seasonal reference, where the more modern English-Language Haiku, which evolved from the Japanese Haiku doesn't. The English-Language haiku may consist of three lines with fewer syllables and it doesn't require a seasonal reference.

In writing haiku, one is supposed to find the 'awe' of an experience and try to convey it to others. Haiku isn't about rhyming or the use of metaphors. Rather, it's a writer's way of encouraging us to see beyond the obvious.

Open to all ages.
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Scroll to the bottom of the page for some interesting facts about the Lady Bug, submitted by Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@aol.com)

Tis only the spring
Thought I saw a ladybug
It isn’t summer


Pretty little bug
Flying about everywhere
Evoking big smiles


Stop look and observe
There is a lady bug
Are you smiling

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

pretty little bug
on moms bathroom window sill
why here in this room


More lady bugs each day
are you all ladies or a gent
or maybe two gents


I wonder now lady
on kitchen ceiling i find
lady bugs i gather and free

By Barbara (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)

Hungry ladybug
Tasting a delicacy
Of the spring gardens.

By Doris (Toto38@aol.com)

lucky lady bug
that can crawl all over a
leaf and not fall off

By Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)

dotted with short legs
lady vital in garden
aphids beware bug

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@aol.com)

Polka dots for me.
Does it make me look broad-beamed?
Maybe I am then.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

The colorful lady bug
knows how to caress the leaf.
Good sign of Summer.


La colorida mariquita
sabe como acariciar a la hoja.
Buena señal del verano

By Emiliano (Poeta48@aol.com)

Precious Protector
Delicate Ladybug
Insect rejector


Spring brings
Lovely little ladybugs
Innocent serving.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)




By Jeanie (Mingo184@aol.com)

Tiny polka ~ dot lady,
just one of Nature's


A darlin' lil' bug,
with orange n black colors,
delightful lil' lady!

By Mary (MusingByMary@aol.com)


€ When the temperature is about 59 degrees Fahrenheit, lady bugs become active.
€ Ladybugs hibernate in cold weather.
€ Lady bugs are cold blooded.
€ The lady bug uses its front legs to clean its head and its antennae.
€ Lady bugs and their larvae eat aphids.
€ Ladybugs lay there eggs where aphids are present.
€There are 350 species of lady bugs in our country.
€Lady bugs go through complete metamorphosis.
€Lady bugs are a type of beetle.
€All species of lady bugs have short legs. This separates them from other beetles.
€ Not all lady bugs are female.
€ A lady bug lets out a yellowish liquid when it is mad. The liquid has a bad smell to its predators.
€ A lady bugs top flying speed is about fifteen miles per hour.
€ The eggs of lady bugs are not visible to the naked eye.


Ladybugs are the most popular and widely used beneficial insects for commercial and home use. Ladybugs are capable of consuming up to 50 to 60 aphids per day but will also eat a variety of other insects and larvae including scales, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers, mites, and various types of soft-bodied insects. They will feed on other pests, but are best known to eliminate the aphid population, and are one of the most active predators, searching from dawn to dusk for food.

Eggs are football-shaped and orange in color and laid in circular clusters of 3-20 on the underside of leaves. Each female can lay 10-50 eggs daily. The larvae eat up to 400 aphids at a rate of 50-60 aphids a day in later stages. If food supplies are short they will cannibalizeor eat each other. Larvae live for three weeks before pupating.

After 2-5 days adults emerge and continue to feed. Adults will consume over 5,000 aphids each in their lifetime. Pollen and nectar are necessary for maturation of newly emerged ladybug adults, particularly before a winter hibernation season. Adults can survive on pollen and nectar for limited periods, but a supply of aphids or other prey is necessary for egg production.


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