He had a gator for a pet,
And he kept it in his garage,
Until it swallowed his Corvette.
He got another, not so large.

But, as months passed, this one grew, too,
Gulping down his new Thunderbird.
He tried a small croc, but that grew
And then ate his Taurus, I heard.

He bought another reptile then,
A caiman from Venezuela,
Put it in the garage again,
And it ate his Jeep and trailer.

An anaconda next he got,
As well as a new Toyota.
Hating Japanese food a lot,
It just nibbled at the motor.

By Richard McCusker (rmrickmack@aol.com)







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This gator lives in the lagoon behind my brother's home in Hilton Head, South Carolina. He is mean! He ate their next door neighbor's little white dog. I ventured close to get the picture because I felt safe. I was in a golf cart and didn't think he would eat one of those. But then that was BEFORE I read RickMack's poem. lol