So You Think We're Old

So you think we're old and have seen better days?
Not so! We're vibrant and wild
We're going through a wonderful stage
And acting as though we're a child.

Swampetta chases kittens and cats
With the fervor of one who's not old
Sharon feeds critters and birds
In the west where it's never cold.

We may be old in numbered years
But we'll always act like a child
Tom insists that he's fat and old
But we all know Tom's really wild.

I'm not sure what Norma does all day
But she's busy doing good work
Marilyn writes and makes web sites
She putters with flowers and dirt.

Frannie complains of arthritis
And not being able to hear
But Frannie, as I've been told,
Likes to swing from the chandelier.

So even though we're old and gray
(Though some may dye their hair)
We're proud to be just as we are
We've got guts and chutzpah to spare.

We've come through life with bruises
And hard bumps along the way
But we're older and better than ever
And that's all I've got to say.

By Frannie (




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