Government waste, a scandalous matter,
The middle class and poor must do without,
While politicians only get fatter;
Seems to me itís time to boot them all out.

Social Security, soon depleted,
Morons stymied, for ideas they lack.
Will it be there when our kids need it?
Theyíll do better if they move to Iraq.

Health Care, one more financial disaster,
With many sticky fingers in the till.
Pharmaceuticals steal money faster
Than greedy doctors can prescribe a pill.

And military spending, worst of all,
With nobody really accountable.
Gross incompetents walk Pentagon halls,
With fiscal problems insurmountable.

Somehow the economy limps along,
But in a very precarious state.
Neither housing or stock markets are strong.
Resurrect Roosevelt before itís too late!

© By Richard McCusker (






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