Spring Fashions in The Garden

A spring garden never goes out of style.
After a cold gray winter the bright colorful hues
are exciting. Daffodils lead the parade.
Their trumpet skirts show off their
thin green stems beautifully.
Delphiniums? They couldn't be more striking
in their tiered blue ruffles.

Then the Easter Lilies,
poised, demure, prayerful.
They prefer to pose by the arbor,
where the wind is less likely
to damage their white satin gowns.

Barely visible now, but in fresh
shades of green are the lacy Japanese ferns.
See how nicely the fronds
frame their sweet painted faces.
So Japanese....

Forsythia, bushy and friendly,
waves her little yellow flags excitedly,
distracting Purple Iris,
who is coming on stage.
Don't you know? royalty commands attention!

The spring garden show continues,
as flower after flower makes its entrance.
Summer, Fall, and Winter wait backstage
where they watch the parade with interest.
One day it will be their turn;
it will be their fashion show.

By Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)



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Graphics by Marilyn


I created the flash slideshow using
photographs of my own flowers.