The angry sea was raging,
As he tightly gripped the wheel...

Lines from the Ancient Mariner,
Did flow through his head.

Head into the storm, straight at it I must,
Have to take the chance,
For there are twelve of us,
Hold together old girl of mine.

Sail on sail on, let us get home safe,
Let us ride out the storm,
And hope nothing does break.
Please, oh please, St Elmo, see us safely home.

The waves are above the mast,
Like a bobber on a pond,
The yacht does bounce,
Oh, let us get back home.

And then about four bells,
It all disappears, and the sea becomes calm.
But where are we after this storm?
Now let me find my way back home.

Then the spell is broken,
By a yell from my wife,
Honey, supper is ready,
Get out of the bathtub.

By Tom (






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