It was Mother's day and Rebecka, known to the neighborhood as Becky, wanted to give her Mother a special gift this year. Being seven years old meant a cash flow problem. Her friend, Samantha, lived next door. Samantha, Sammie, had eight dollars that she had saved from her Christmas money and she was going to buy her Mother a locket from the jewelry department at Wal-Mart.

Becky thought that was wonderful, but she didn't get any money for Christmas, only presents.

Sammie tried to think of things that Becky could give her Mother, but none of them seemed special. One day, Mrs. Oliver, Sammie's Mother, was working in her yard as Becky walked by. "Hi, Becky", Mrs. Oliver called. "Would you like to help Sammie and me plant some flowers"?

"You sure do have pretty flowers", said Becky. "I bet my Mother would love a bouquet of flowers from your yard for Mother's Day."

"I guess I could spare a few flowers in honor of Mother's Day", Mrs. Oliver smiled.

The evening before Mother's Day, Becky went over to the Oliver's yard. She saw some beautiful red and yellow tulips. "Those are perfect", thought Becky. "Mother would really like those". I can tie them together with one of my hair ribbons and put some tissue around them that I got in one of my birthday presents last week.

So Becky cut every one of Mrs. Oliver's red and yellow tulips, being careful to leave about a quarter of an inch of stem so as not to make the bed look so bare.

When Mother's day arrived, Mrs. Oliver went out to get her morning paper and noticed that Becky had cut every one of her tulips. She kind of smiled, but didn't say a word.

When Becky's mother received her bouquet, she was surprised. "Where did you get these beautiful tulips"? she exclaimed.

"I got them from the florist, Mrs. Oliver", Becky replied.

Mrs. Oliver was out in her yard the next day when Becky walked by. "Come here dear", she said.

Becky went over with a folded piece of paper and handed it to Mrs. Oliver.

"Why, what is this", Mrs. Oliver exclaimed. Inside was a lovely picture of tulips drawn with yellow and red crayons.

"Thank you for the tulips for my Mother", Becky said. "This is my way of saying, thank you and replacing them."

Mrs. Oliver laughed and tucked the card in her apron pocket. "Next year, we'll plant a bed especially for you and your Mother, and I'll help you cut them."

Mrs. Oliver and Sammie helped Becky plant her flowers for next Mother's Day, and everyone watched as the rain, sun, and the Florist did their handiwork.

By Phyllis Ann (






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