Flowers basking in the sun
lapping up water and care
when there besides them,
grows a plant not so fair

Who's that growing in my garden
with leaves of purplish hue ?
No one is to enter our bed
'specially a Wandering Jew

Heaven help if you multiply
and overtake our bed
We don't need your kind
who feel they have to spread

Will call the Orkin man
and see what can be done
we've got to kill your ugly growth
and put you on the run

I can enhance your image
cries the Jew so plain
the bees do not desire my taste
so you have the most to gain

I'm to act as a ground cover
to hide your skinny limbs
you'll be the flower most chosen
.... standing tall and so prim

Sorry for saying you're so ugly
I didn't know your good
of course, you can stay
..... guess I misunderstood !

By Connie (







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