Out on the desert near Roswell,
Thereís a plain patch of sandy ground.
The story New Mexicans tell
Is that aliens came around.

Their spaceship, so itís said, crashed there,
And it sure caused an awful stir.
Corpses found, too. I think a pair -
Donít know if they were him or her.

Supposedly, an autopsy
Was performed very secretly.
In fact, there is a film to see
What seems to be real surgery.

They were funny looking creatures,
Somewhat like a human being,
But with these sort of strange features,
And big eyes that seemed all-seeing.

Kind of short stature with gray skin,
And fairly out of shape at that,
Potbelly, arms and legs real thin.
No nose either, or pretty flat.

At first, wreckage of their spacecraft
Was observed scattered all around.
Later, witnesses were called ďdaftĒ -
No traces remained to be found.

A government conspiracy
Has long been the accusation.
Itís reverse engineering, see,
Thatís brought secrets to this nation.

The strange spaceship was dissected,
Closely examined piece by piece.
Then finally reconstructed -
A Kay Bee Toys recent release.


© Richard McCusker (rmrickmack@aol.com)