I remember when mothers carried lace handkerchiefs, and an extra one for the kids. And there were no wet wipes. Ladies wore white in the summer and stopped at Labor day. Ladies wore gloves year round or at least carried them, and a lady wore a hat, or at least a veil.

I remember in the 50's we girls wore the lilt crown veils on our heads to church. In school we wore white dickies under our sweaters. We wore black-and-white saddle oxfords, or penny loafers.

That year I bought my first pair of red shoes. Then I got caught in a downpour and ruined them. They were expensive and I was devastated.

I never had a poodle skirt but I had a skirt that I wore lots of crinolines under.

We rode the school bus. No one had a lot of cars; families were lucky to have one. Funny how it seems like yesterday and yet few remember it.

I remember the Jewel-Tea man. He was great. The Fuller Brush man would always give us a new brush. The ice man and the milk man. Wow! So many people came to the house back then. Now I can go all day and no one knocks.

I miss the peddler folks, but that was another era I guess....... Yes it was.

By Barbara (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)




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