Ink stains on my favorite shirt,
Rest are dirty, what can I do?
Stick on a patch from a concert,
Leave it there and be bold?

Thought I knew where I was going,
Found out I was all screwed up.
“Would you give me directions, please?”
Are the words I ask of the lady.

She looked me up and down,
I knew I was in a giant free fall,
Big car and fancy clothes,
Me with an ink-stained shirt.

She smiled and winked at me,
“See your forgot your GPS.
Hold my hand and walk with me,
For I do have a map.”

Glamour and poise she had,
we strode through the party maze,
Her hand feeling it belonged there,
Ink stains and glamour together.

We did hob-nob,
she not letting go of my hand.
Kissed the hostess, shook all hands,
Me hob-nobbing in an ink stained shirt.

We walked back to her car,
She looked down at my feet,
“Sandals are comfortable,
Care to buy me a hamburger?”

I awoke with a smile,
I had been walking on air,
Hob-nobbed holding Glamour’s hand,
I had been to the promised land.

By Tom (


"Would you give me directions please"
She flirted with him like a tease
Nervous, he began to wheeze

She was a beauty of such glamor
His heart started to hammer
Too young for him he would end up in the slammer

But he couldn't stop the free fall
He had no resistance at all
A dance was being held in the town hall

"I'll take you to the party to hob-nob"
"Well sure," she said "I'am not a snob"
He answered, "By the way my name is Rob"

People were in formal wear
At ink stains on his shirt they did stare
He a slob, she in satin gown, what a pair!

Stilleto heels she wore to the ball
He had sandals his toes bare to all
Good thing he was very tall

Nobody dared to toss him out
Her rich Daddy had lots of clout
Her date, a champion boxer who won all his bouts

By Sharon (


Mystery of the Sharks

The desk had a blotter with ink stains that looked like question marks.
I wonder if Detective Rolf had gone after the loan sharks.

He never said "Would you give me the directions, please?"
He never was found to ask for help or try to appease.

Some times he was in free fall and sometimes solid on his feet.
He was well known by all out on the street.

He had no glamor, but he had a few disguises.
He also had for these sharks a few surprises.

They liked to hob-nob with some high rollers down on Wall Street.
These sharks were vicious and never discreet.

An old man in sandals was seen walking his beat.
The loan sharks were later found in the bay sealed in concrete.

By Phyllis Ann (


Would You Give Me the Directions, Please?

There were ink stains on her skirt,
Because her pen was overloaded.
Now her feelings were hurt,
And her fountain pen out moded.

She cut him off in the parking lot.
He sank down to his knees;
He yelled"Go to Hell and I hope it's hot!"
She smiled saying; "Would you give me the directions, please?"

He paid a lot for the airline fee.
His bags they quickly lost.
Said; "The flight's expensive but the fall is free,
That's what evens out the cost."

The carpenter was a sexy beast.
Handsome and a lot of glamour.
And last but surely not the least...
Was the way he swung the hammer.

Johnny was an awful snob.
Thought he was a perfect gent.
With other folks he wouldn't hob-nob,
They'd see him coming and they went.

Margie was a plain old girl,
Who had the most beautiful feet.
Even when the snow would whirl,
Her sandals made her seem ever so sweet.

By Swampetta (


Gypsies and Such

Would you give me directions, please?
Amy cried in the middle of a sneeze.
For I must get to mid-town Poukeepsie,
My guy has fallen for a bangling gypsy.

Sorry, Mam, I'm in free fall myself.
My long time girl put me up on her shelf.
I need directions in another way,
She thought I was just a roll in the hay.

Miss glamor Lamour dared take a look,
When she saw the guy, her body shook.
For wasn't he the last one she'd passed in the hall,
Tried to pick his pocket, car keys and all?

He'd been pretty mad, but don't think he'd seen her,
She clicked her sandals for the next big spender.
So quietly she started to sneak away,
She'd find that gypsy another way.

Amy thought she'd hob-nob with the gypsy clan,
Then she'd latch on to her former man.
But something snapped and she got recognized.
On went the cuffs to her great surprise.

On the way to the station, her glamor faded.
The officer called her old and jaded,
While riding in the squad car, she had time to think.
Bimbo was scared her fingers would have stains of ink.

By Norma (


Would You Give Me Directions, Please?

last night i said to my friend, would you give me directions please
she said to where? i said to the free fall bar.
i want to hob-nob with the rich and famous.
i will wear my sandals. I shall be full of glitz and glamour
like cinderella i will leave my inkstains on the bottom of my shoes on the
steps of the bar, and maybe my prince charming will find me also ..

By Amy (




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